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Storm Names Chosen for 2020/2021

The storms for this year and the next have been given a total of 21 names that were suggested by the public. So far, the UK has been hit with a lot of storms and extreme weather conditions. When warning the public of upcoming storms, the Met Office gives the storm a name, but it isn’t always known why they do this.

Why Do we Name Storms?

When a storm has the potential to cause an amber or red warning, it is named to be categorised easily so it can be found. They are often in alphabetical order running from season to season throughout the year.

It also mainly helps to effectively communicate the impacts of major storms. By naming storms, it helps people to become aware and memorise the severe weather events before they hit the UK. To further awareness, the Met Office, the Dutch KNMI and the Irish Met Éireann lets the public decide which names will be used.

Why Have There Been so Many Storms This Year?

Just last month, we were hit with 2 storms, the first being Storm Ellen, and the second being Storm Francis. According to the BBC, this was the first time two storms have been named in August since 2015. This storm brought up to 70mph winds, thunder and torrential downpour. These storms along with the heatwaves in August were extremely strange weather for the UK.

Scientists are looking into if there are any links between climate change and the unusual weather we have been having. Back in February, during storm Dennis,  Dr. Michael Byrne, who is the lecturer in climate science at the University of St Andrews stated “the planet being 1C warmer as a whole versus pre-industrial times, every degree means 7 percent more water in the atmosphere and more rain in these heavy rain events.” This statement can also be applied to our torrential weather last month.

What will the Storms do to my Roof?

High winds and torrential rain can be very damaging to roofs of old age. For old roofs, bad weather can lead to fallen debris, leaks in gutters and roofline, or broken/missing tiles. If your roof has been damaged by bad weather, our expert team at Farington Roofing have the solutions for these problems. With over 40 years’ experience, we specialise in all aspects of roofing, from a simple roof repair to a new installation, get in touch with us for a free quotation.


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Please feel free to contact me on 07776 236 289 or 01257 272 084 to arrange a survey and a FREE quote.


Please feel free to contact me on 07776 236 289 or 01257 272 084 to arrange a survey and a FREE quote.